'Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...'


(photo Claire Callewaert) 

Robert Frost, the New England native, could easily have written this iconic poem whilst walking through the forests of Weston. Despite being only around 16 miles from Boston, the town of Weston is blessed with over 200 acres of conservation land and easements plus almost 100 miles of maintained trails. These trails criss-cross the town of Weston allowing its residents to walk, run, cycle and cross country ski for miles without interruption from the noise and fumes of traffic. These trails are all maintained by the Weston Forest and Trail Association and a comprehensive map is available from the Town Hall. If solitude isn't your thing, the association runs regular guided walks throughout the year on Sundays where residents can meet new people and learn about new routes. Consider joining the WFTA to help them in their mission to foster the preservation and enjoyment of the open spaces of Weston.

Paige Yates

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